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SIC is positioned as a world-wide operating Application Service Provider (ASP) with offices in Europe and North America. SIC takes care of installation, service, maintenance, hosting and management of Enterprise Resource Software (ERP) and e-commerce applications. Due to the integration of those systems with the internet, SIC creates the basis for advanced B2B solutions, portals and online shops. Further core competences of SIC include the service and support of ERP software e.g. SAP R/3. Moreover, the solutions incorporate Management Information Systems (MIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) und Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The SIC team is able to look at over 10 years+ experience. The proficiency of solutions is complemented by outstanding know-how of diverse industrial sectors. Our consultants provide special knowledge about Banking & Insurance, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry; Commerce & Retail as well as Automotive. Currently, 80+ consultant are working on world-wide projects, which are coordinated from five offices: Switzerland, USA, Malta, Germany and UK.

The SIC Strategy

The SIC strategy is in alignment with ASP. SIC provides the clients access to applications (mainly ERP software) via internet and/or lease line. The range of applications includes CRM, SCM, MIS and B2B.

The cooperation with strategic partners enables us to make standard software solutions available. The customization of the software will be executed according to the needs of the clients and their infrastructure. For the first time, the IT costs will be transparent and calculable. Costly initial investments into software licenses, hardware as well as IT personnel are not necessary. SIC holds the licenses and maintains the applications centrally from our data center. The ASP model is specially interesting for start-up businesses.

Application Service Hosting (ASH)

SIC provides a special service for longstanding ERP users. SIC carefully examines existing software and infrastructure and considers the clients assets in the offer. As a result, only minor changes to the systems would be necessary. This facilitates the cooperation from the beginning.

The partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISP) provides us with the necessary network infrastructure, operational resources and administrators. This guarantees a maximum of convenience for the operating systems. First and second level support is provided by a hotline. Additional hardware and software resources can be supplied as required. According to the volume of the contract, SIC offers to carry out development and customization projects.

Characteristics of ASP

  • Application centric: This service offer is concentrated on the applications only. The ASP maintains access to applications that are commercially available and allows the usage at the current location.

  • Selling application access: The ASP affords access to new applications. The client has instant access and does not need to invest into costly licenses, servers, IT staff and other resources. The ASP holds either the licenses or has a contractual agreement with the software vendor about the usage by a third party.

  • Centrally managed: ASP services are managed centrally rather than at each individual customer location. The clients are able to access the applications via the internet or lease lines.

  • One-to-many service: ASP services are designed to suit diverse clients. The cooperation with various SW & HW providers aims to be able to offer attractive, standardized packages that need little or no customization at all. In contrary, IT-outsourcing, application management services and hosting are one-to-one relations, where each solution targets at the specific needs of the client.

  • Delivery on the contract: The ASP company is responsible for the delivery of the services according to the contract with the client. The ASP model includes the cooperation of diverse partners.

  • Solutions for industries: The ASP creates solutions, which are suited for the specific needs of an industry sector.

Why do you need ASP?

  • Internationalization / Globalization
  • Limited human resources
  • Increasing demand for E-Business
  • Growing complexity of IT and controlling processes
  • Transparent costs and calculable IT budget

Advantages of ASP

  • The client is not affected by the lack of IT professional.

  • Instead of fixed overhead and investments, the customer pays only for the actual usage of applications.

  • The technical support for IT issues is guaranteed by the contract partner.

  • Due to the standardization of the internet, the client is able to choose the IT partner with more independence and flexibility.

  • Migrations and conversions of IT systems due to innovation, M&A and globalization are facilitated since these processes can be integrated on short notice and without further investments.

  • The standardized network enables the client to take up new business opportunities, e.g. SCM and areas of e-commerce.

  • The client gains crucial action and reaction time for his company.


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